Bryan Neft

8th Ward Endorsed – Bryan NEFT


Bryan NEFT

The 8th Ward enthusiastically endorses Bryan Neft for Judge of the Commonwealth Court. An active lawyer for 32 years, Bryan brings a wide variety of experience in both civil and criminal law, including his four year stint as a law clerk for a Superior Court Judge.  The Pennsylvania Bar Association rated Bryan “Recommended,” stating, “The candidate has argued cases before the Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania, in cases covering multiple areas of law. He possesses sufficient skills as a litigator, including knowledge and experience regarding courtroom procedures and protocols. Among his peers, the candidate is viewed as hard working, honest and committed to equal justice, fairness and impartiality in the judicial system. The candidate has contributed to the legal profession by serving in leadership capacities for various bar associations. He also is actively involved with charitable organizations within his community. Based on all the qualifications above, the commission recommends the candidate for election to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.”