The Trump Republicans are on a mission to make more states into TEXAS. On November 2, our State Judiciary is on the ballot — and we can’t let the Trumpublicans take over our Courts.

Here are just a FEW mission-critical powers that our Statewide Courts (Supreme, Commonwealth, Superior) will handle….

—Deciding on fair voting districts to prevent discriminatory gerrymandering by the GOP

—Protecting our state constitutional rights – like the right to abortion, equality, and other freedoms

—Protecting our voting rights by preventing voter suppression efforts and Jim Crow 2.0 in Pennsylvania

Upholding our election laws by stopping the GOP’s abusive subpoenas and “sham audits” by the GOP election law to protect Pennsylvanians from the GOP’s sham election “audits”

And more.

Make no mistake – the Republicans want to take over the State Judiciary so they can dismantle our state democracy.

To learn more about how crucial our State Courts are to our rights and our democracy, check out the Brennan Center for Justice update on Legislative Assaults on State Courts.