Extremist Republican MAGA-forces are trying to take over the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, and Senate. We MUST elect ALL the Democrats possible – Josh Shapiro for Governor, Austin Davis for Lt. Governor, John Fetterman for US Senate, and all the Democrats up and down the entire ballot.

GET READY TO VOTE — MAKE A PLAN! Here’s how. 1. Check your voter registration at vote.pa.gov to make sure your records are up to date. 2. Make a plan to vote – will you be able to vote at the polls on Nov. 8? If not, plan to vote by mail either early in person at the County Board of Elections in City Hall, or request a Mail In Ballot – go to vote.pa.gov to request a mail in ballot online. 3. GET 3 OTHER FRIENDS OR FAMILY to make a plan to vote Democrat in Pennsylvania — and get each of THEM to get 3 friends or family….and so on, and so on….We have to come out HUGE to make sure Shapiro/Davis/Fetterman win in a landslide