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The 8th Ward is proud to endorse Betsy Wahl for Court of Common Pleas.

Rated “Recommended” by the Philadelphia Bar, demonstrates excellent judicial qualities every day as a Juvenile Court Hearing Officer, where since 2002 she has presided over a heavy docket of dispositions, probation reviews and violations, placement reviews and violations. She has over 36 years of experience in Philadelphia’s courtrooms, as a family law practitioner, Public Defender, mediator, and adoption attorney both privately and for the city. Judge Benjamin Lerner described Wahl’s tireless work as a Court Master, saying “Master Wahl demonstrated integrity, fairness, wisdom and compassion. Everyone in her courtroom came to realize that they were appearing before a judicial officer of the highest caliber. We agree with Judge Lerner: Philadelphia would benefit greatly if Wahl is afforded the opportunity to serve on the Court of Common Pleas.