What Is A Committeeperson?

The 8th Ward is divided into thirty divisions. Each division has two volunteer representatives, known as committeepersons. Your committeepersons are your point of contact at the grassroots level with the Democratic Party in Philadelphia.

Committeepeople also act as the liaisons between their neighbors and government officials. Although their core job is getting out the vote on election day, they can be actively in touch with their neighbors all year long.

Don’t know what ward you live in?

Go to openmaps.phila.gov – click the option, “Political Ward Divisions” and type in your address. Click on the map, and it should tell you your ward and division (08XX). Alternatively, you can use the PA Department of State’s Polling Place Search to look up your address.

Div Name Email
1 Stephen Huntington shuntington@hhflaw.com
1 Rebecca Shandler
2 Nicole Galli nicole.galli@comcast.net
2 Charles Goodwin chuck.goodwin@comcast.net
3 Brooke Sacks brooke@brookesacks.com
4 Kevin Crane phillygreenbean@icloud.com
5 Christopher Lin chris.lin29@gmail.com
5 Vik Patel


6 Elizabeth Smith elizabeth.smith@8thward.org
6 Mindy Solkin* mindy.solkin@8thward.org
7 Nancy Altemus altemusnancy@gmail.com
7 Ruth Morgenroth rsmorgen@gmail.com
8 Judi Golding-Baker

Assistant Secretary

9 Daniel J. Keough djk2620@comcast.net
9 Alex Reish alex4ward8@gmail.com
10 Adam Laver laver@blankrome.com
10 Steve Springer steve.springer@8thward.org
11 Kyle Sheely

Assistant Treasurer

12 Julia Engstrom juliasbiz@gmail.com
12 Michael Horwitz mhrox74@hotmail.com
13 Jean Cho jeancho@comcast.net
13 Margaret Harris

Vice-Chair (4th)

14 Lydia Gottesfeld lydia.gottesfeld@gmail.com
14 William Madeira wphmadeira@gmail.com
15 Jarrod Bolden*
Jarrod holds a BA in Communication and an MPA with an emphasis in Public Management. Previously, he served as a liaison between the US Senate Sergeant at Arms and the Office of the Vice-President. Jarrod is active in many civic, LGBTQ, and political causes.
15 This seat is vacant! If you’re interested in being appointed, contact ward leader Larry Farnese.
16 David Rose davidrose1919@gmail.com
16 Mary Anne Timmins matimmins1@mac.com
17 Marc Meola marc.meola@8thward.org
18 Elizabeth Flanagan enbf619@comcast.net
19 Helen Gym hgbf@aol.com
19 Sarah Clark Stuart sarah@sarahclarkstuart.net
20 Casey Kuklick  ckuklick@gmail.com
20 This seat is vacant! If you’re interested in being appointed, contact ward leader Larry Farnese.
21 Larry Farnese

Ward Leader
21 Stanley Field rjsfield@aol.com
22 John Baunach


22 Nicki Newby newby01@gmail.com
23 Michael Weiss


23 Marshall Ziprin zipsterm@hotmail.com
24 Kahlil Williams kahlilwilliams@gmail.com
25 Todd Grundy stardust811@gmail.com
25 Eilene Frierson* eildan@aol.com
26 Justino Navarro justinonavarro@aol.com
26 Elaine Petrossian

Vice-Chair (1st)

27 Dennis Fee* dennisfee@me.com
28 Brent Groce brentgroce@me.com
28 Brett Mandel brett@libertynet.org
29 Joann Neufeld joneufeld@gmail.com
29 Francine Pollock flp1804@comcast.net
30 Steven Sacks sstevensacks@comcast.net
30 Georgee Thevervelil gthever@gmail.com

*appointed by ward leader