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Greg Girdy

The 8th Ward is proud to endorse Greg Yorgey-Girdy for Municipal Court.

Rated “Recommended” by the Philadelphia Bar, Yorgey-Girdy would be our first openly gay, black judge on Municipal Court.  He started his career serving the City of Philadelphia as an Assistant City Solicitor in the Claims Unit. Later, he joined the firm Potter Anderson Corroon LLP, where he broadened his practice to focus on conflict-of-interest management, with specialization in eDiscovery.  As Manager of Conflicts and Conflicts Counsel (an important law firm ethics position), he now leads the firm’s conflict-management efforts. Also a fierce advocate for marginalized communities including the LGBT+ community and communities of color in Philadelphia, Yorgey-Girdy served as co-chair of Liberty City LGBT+ Democratic Club until January 2021 when he stepped down, and was a lead organizer for the Philly Queer March for Black Lives which drew an activists and allies together. As Liberty City Co-Chair, he was instrumental in organizing the community to help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win Pennsylvania in the general election.  Yorgey-Girdy also publishes a blog ( as his platform to facilitate open-minded dialog to encourage and support inclusive, modern families.  Municipal Court is often the first place where Philadelphians encounter our Court system, and we believe Greg Yorgey-Lindy will serve with fairness, compassion, and integrity.