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Larry Krasner

The 8th Ward is proud to endorse Larry Krasner for re-election as Philadelphia District Attorney. 

In the highly competitive 2017 Primary, the 8th Ward endorsed Larry Krasner based on his bold vision for a progressive District Attorney’s Office that would seek to dismantle unjust structures and practices that criminalized poverty, destabilized families, oppressed black and brown people in our City, and failed to keep communities safe as a result.  Since 2017, Krasner has pushed for reforms such as prosecuting police misconduct and brutality, rethinking sentencing, reforming probation and parole, minimizing the use of cash bail, and ending pursuit of the death penalty.  The 8th Ward asked Krasner tough questions about the gun violence and homicide epidemic in our City, and how he would keep people safe, while making crucial structural reforms.  After hearing from both candidates, the Ward overwhelmingly endorsed Krasner as the best candidate to integrate justice with safety.  If re-elected, Krasner pledges he will address serious crimes by actively working with city partners, non-profits, and doctors to explore public health solutions to gun violence, by helping the police increase the solve-rate for shooting crimes and by working more closely with Police Commissioner Outlaw.  Krasner will advocate for cutting edge forensic tools (including new DNA capacity and phone technology) to solve crimes more quickly and accurately, which could significantly reduce shootings and homicides by solving crimes early in ways that prevent cycles of retaliatory violence. The gun violence epidemic has been devastating in Philadelphia; however, our city is not alone in these trends, and the impact of COVID 19 cannot be ignored.  Ongoing court closures due to the COVID pandemic have made it challenging to prosecute as many gun-related cases, for police to make arrests, and for probation officers to keep up with their clients.  The 8th Ward endorsed Krasner’s re-election so he has more time to achieve our shared vision to bring true structural reform to our justice system while also supporting and protecting people and communities impacted by poverty, racism, violence, and crime.