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Michele Hangley

The 8th Ward is proud to endorse Michele Hangley for Court of Common Pleas.

Rated “Highly Recommended” by the Philadelphia Bar, Hangley helped to ensure that Philadelphians’ votes were counted in the 2020 presidential election by serving as a lawyer for Pennsylvania state and local election officials.  Prior to 2020, while serving as a lawyer for Governor Tom Wolf, Hangley won victories to end Pennsylvania’s unfair congressional gerrymandering.  Now able to compete in fair districts, Democrats have won several Congressional seats in Pennsylvania, so that our Congressional delegation is evenly split (9 D, 9 R).  Her efforts in the 2020 Election cases protected our right to use ballot drop boxes and kept voters and election workers free from intimidation by out-of-town Trump “poll watchers.”  A trailblazer in gender equality in education, Hangley would bring strong experience in both business law and pro bono service to the Philadelphia Court of Common Plea, as she has represented individuals, law firms, businesses, and government agencies in Pennsylvania appellate courts, federal courts, administrative agencies, and arbitral tribunals. Hangley is experienced, evenhanded, and compassionate, and will make a difference in our Courts if she wins this Primary.