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Wendy Barish

The 8th Ward is proud to endorse Wendi Barish for Court of Common Pleas.

Rated “Recommended” by the Philadelphia Bar Association, Barish will bring excellent experience and temperament to the bench if elected.  Barish began her legal career over 25 years ago, and has distinguished herself in private practice, government service, and pro bono work.  Barish has deep expertise in the many laws that impact workers and their employers, demonstrated by her promotion in 2005 to the role of Vice Chair of Employment Group and Co-Chair of Civil Rights Group at Weber Gallagher, where she specialized in employment law and civil rights litigation for 10 years.  In 2015, Barish moved to government service, where she was recently promoted to Senior Deputy General Counsel for the Philadelphia Housing Authority, where she supervises both outside counsel and in-house attorneys in the mission to provide Philadelphians with access to housing.  Barish also brings lived experience to her passion for the law:  her family received public assistance, and she will never forget the support the City of Philadelphia provided to her.  Barish makes it a priority to help others in need, and volunteers with The Wardrobe, the Settlement School of Music, Help Hope Live, the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society, and Doggie Style Pets.