Eryn Santamoor

8th Ward Endorsed – Eryn Santamoor



The 8th Ward resoundingly endorses Eryn Santamoor for City Council At-Large.  Eryn will bring deep city management experience, plus the zeal of a “freshman” Council member.  We are confident that Eryn’s experience, strengths, and vision will make her a highly effective legislator in City Council from day one.  

Eryn’s compassion, experience, and command of complex city government systems stood out to us in her interview. Eryn has won endorsements from former Mayor Michael Nutter, former Mayor and Governor Ed Rendell, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, among others.  The Philadelphia Inquirer recognized her ability to hit the ground running, stating that “Santamoor has detailed plans and is ready to get to work on day one tackling public safety and improving public services.”   The Inquirer pointedly observed that Eryn has detailed plans for addressing and expanding the City’s services for treatment for substance use and mental illness, a sincere passion for Eryn, who has seen the impact of addiction on family members and loved ones. Eryn has devoted her entire career to serving the people of Philadelphia. After earning her master’s degree in public administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and launched her government career as a Deputy Managing Director in former mayor Michael Nutter’s administration. As Deputy Managing Director, Eryn helped Mayor Nutter develop Philadelphia’s 311 system, which greatly improved and expanded our access to public officials and municipal services.  Before launching her 2023 City Council campaign, Eryn served as a Chief of Staff in City Council, navigating the COVID-19 crisis across the City. In 2019, Eryn ran for Council at Large in a crowded field. Eryn won our 8th Ward endorsement, though not her election.  We proudly endorse Eryn again and urge you to vote for her, as she’ll be an excellent Council Member at Large.