Guide to What’s On The Ballot

For the Primary Election coming up on May 16, 2023, Philadelphia will begin reorganizing most of our City Government (so it’s called a Municipal Election cycle).

WHY THE PRIMARY ELECTION IS CRUCIAL… The Primary Election is how Democratic voters nominate the Democratic candidate(s) who will run in the November General Election. In Philadelphia, Democrats comprise an overwhelming majority of all registered voters; so the candidates who win their Primary typically get elected to office in the November General Election. This makes the Primary Election for Philadelphia City Offices so important.

HOW TO VOTE FOR CANDIDATES IN THE PRIMARY…. To vote your voice in the Democratic Primary, you must update your party registration to DEMOCRAT. (The same is also true for the Republican Primary).

HOW TO VOTE ON BALLOT QUESTIONS.… Ballot Questions are universal to all registered voters, regardless of party registration. All registered voters may vote on Ballot Questions.

WHAT will be on the May 2023 Ballot:

STATEWIDE OFFICES ON THE BALLOT – This May, our Democratic voters will nominate Statewide candidates to run in the November General Election. Candidates running Statewide must overcome considerable Republican opposition in the General Election, because Pennsylvania is “deep red” in many areas.

  • Supreme Court (1);
  • Superior Court Judge (2);
  • Commonwealth Court Judge (1).

PHILADELPHIA CITY OFFICES ON THE BALLOT – Almost all City Elected Offices are on the Ballot in this Primary.

  • JUDICIAL OFFICES – Click each office to learn more
    • Judges of the Court of Common Pleas (10);
    • Judges of the Municipal Court (2)

BALLOT QUESTIONS: there will be 4 ballot questions concerning changes to Philadelphia’s Home Rule Charter. Check our Ballot Question page for updates.

We will provide more information and updates throughout this site, over the course of this Election Cycle.