Where – The 8th Ward is comprised of Center City West, from Broad Street west to the Schuylkill; from Lombard Street up to Spring Garden Street and Fairmount Avenue to the north.

What – As the first “Open Ward” since 1972, the 8th Ward Democratic Committee is the organization of elected Democratic Party representatives dedicated to serving our neighborhood voters. We work hard in many ways to protect the right to vote and to energize our voters to elect good Democrats every 6 months, in every primary and general election.

How – Since 1972, our Ward has led the way in Committee Person engagement. Our endorsement process gives candidates an open forum to talk with our Committee People, so our Committee People can come together as a team to deliberate and vote on Ward Endorsements in Primary Elections. We engage each other in fellowship and in debate at regular meetings and events. We unite around the candidates we endorse to urge our voters to elect them. We stay in touch with our neighbors to help them year round and to know their needs and concerns.

WhoWe are volunteers who come from all walks of life. We are students, teachers, business owners, service workers, lawyers, health care workers, union members, artists, grandparents, caregivers, community leaders and business leaders. We were born here in Philly, we were born overseas, we were born out of state.

We are united in our commitment to the core values of the Democratic Party and our passion for putting those values into action by electing good Democrats and by engaging our voters throughout the year and at every election.