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As the only elected Democratic District Attorney running for Attorney General, Jack has proven experience serving as a chief law enforcement officer and winning against Republicans. Jack is the first Democrat to be elected Delaware County District Attorney in the modern history of the county, which for decades had been governed by a red Republican machine. Jack’s record in Delaware County as a prosecutor who implements reforms while keeping the community safe will serve him well in the November General Election and in office as our Attorney General.

About the Office*

It is CRUCIAL we elect a Democratic Attorney General in 2024. To WIN in November, we MUST nominate a Democratic Primary Candidate who can BEAT the Republicans STATEWIDE in November.

The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer and prosecutor for the Commonwealth.

The Attorney General leads a staff of several hundred prosecutors, attorneys, investigators, agents, and support staff in offices across the state.  Currently, the AG’s Office has 4 main Divisions, described below.

  • Criminal Division:  investigates and prosecutes drug crime, gun violence, child predators, organized crime, public corruption, insurance and Medicare fraud, environmental crimes, and other criminal violations.  The AG can also investigate and prosecute indictments obtained from their statewide investigating grand juries. The AG also prosecutes criminal charges referred by Commonwealth agencies.  The AG is often appointed to investigate and prosecute local DA’s with prosecuting criminal charges brought in county courts. Finally, the AG’s office, upon request by county District Attorneys, may take over pending criminal matters where the local DA does not have sufficient resources to prosecute the case(s), or when the DA’s office may have a potential conflict of interest. Most of the criminal matters handled by the AG’s Office are referrals from county DA’s or Commonwealth agencies.
  • Public Protection Division:  prosecutes the perpetrators of scams and deceptive business practices to enforce Pennsylvania law and protect consumers from being ripped off.  This Division also enforces Pennsylvania law around labor protections, civil rights & anti-discrimination, fair business practices, and antitrust matters. 
  • Civil Division:  represents the Commonwealth, its agencies, and officials, in civil cases brought by or against them.  These can include defending the constitutionality of Pennsylvania laws, enforcing or defending contract rights, collecting debts owed to the Commonwealth, and more.  Civil Division also reviews state contracts and agency regulations to counsel agencies and other state actors to ensure compliance and constitutionality. 
  • Operations & Public Engagement:  assists in crime prevention through education and outreach to the people across Pennsylvania. Sample topics include drug addiction, personal safety and bullying, avoiding and reporting sexual abuse, how to protect against financial scams and fraud, and more.  

*Includes content adapted from other sources.