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The 8th Ward is proud to endorse our very own Representative Malcolm Kenyatta for Auditor General. We have zero doubt that Malcolm is the best Democratic candidate for Auditor General to face off with the Republican incumbent in the November 2024 general election. Malcolm will also be a tireless advocate and team player for the entire Democratic ticket in November – including Joe Biden, Bob Casey, and all the Democrats up and down the whole ballot.

Endorsed by the PA Democratic Party State Committee, Representative Malcolm Kenyatta is a third-generation North Philadelphia native, thought leader, and legislator, currently serving in the Pennsylvania General Assembly for House District 181. Malcolm earned a B.A. in Public Communications from Temple University, an M.S. in Strategic and Digital Communications from Drexel University, and completed the Harvard Kennedy School’s Executives in State and Local Government program. 

Kenyatta is a vocal proponent of protecting workers’ rights, enacting common-sense gun safety policies, and rooting out government corruption and waste. He has multiple legislative leadership roles: Member of the powerful State Government Committee with oversight on state agencies and elections, Minority Chair of the Subcommittee on Campaign Finance & Elections, Minority Chair of Automation & Technology in the Committee on Commerce, and a member of the Finance Committee. He also served on Governor Tom Wolf’s Suicide Prevention Task Force and has been a member of the Philadelphia Delegation leadership team.

Kenyatta is a barrier-breaking public figure, becoming the first openly LGBTQ+ person of color and one of the youngest members elected to the PA General Assembly in 2018. In 2020, he was chosen by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to give the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention along with a group of other ‘Rising Stars.’ Representative Kenyatta appears regularly on local and national media outlets including 60 Minutes, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. 


**About the office

The incumbent PA Auditor General is a Republican who flipped this seat to RED in 2020. To flip this seat back to BLUE, we MUST nominate a Democratic Candidate who can WIN statewide in November against the Republican incumbent.

The Pennsylvania Auditor General is the chief fiscal watchdog for the entire Commonwealth and as such, is independently elected.  The Auditor General is supposed to serve the people of Pennsylvania by improving government accountability, transparency, and the effective use of taxpayer dollars.  In this role, the Auditor General has a duty to use audits and quality assurance reviews to ensure that all state money is spent legally and properly, to advance the purpose for which it was allocated. 

The Auditor General leads a statewide Office that performs several types of audits:  financial, to test the reliability of financial controls and information within State-funded agencies and activities; performance audits, to assess if government programs and activities are meeting their mission with the tax monies they’ve received; and attestation engagements, to assure users of certain financial or other data or information can be relied upon.

The Auditor General has an important role in quality assurance for major state expenditures and investments, including school system audits, wage and hour compliance, health care, and public safety.

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