Vote Early / By Mail

Voting with a Mail In Ballot is GREAT when you have any concern that you might not be at your polling place on Election Day, or you just want to take care of your vote early.

Please note that Election Day is April 23, 2024 – the first full day of Passover.

All Mail In Ballots must be REQUESTED by no later than 7 days before Election Day (April 16) and RECEIVED by the County Board of Elections by 8:00 PM on Election Day (April 23).

To Vote with a Mail In Ballot – follow all instructions from the City Commissioners (aka County Election Board) – linked here:

Annual Mail In Request – You now have the option to be added to the annual Mail In Ballot Request. Once your request is approved you will automatically receive ballots for the remainder of the year. You do not have to submit a request for each election.

For most folks, there are 2 ways to vote using a mail in ballot:

  1. “Vote Early” in person no later than April 16 – by requesting your Mail In Ballot in person at the Board of Elections by the Ballot Application Deadline (April 16 – 7 days before Election Day), completing and returning your ballot right there, in person, on the spot.
  2. Return your Mail In Ballot by 8:00 PM on Election Day – so it is RECEIVED by 8 PM at any official Philadelphia ballot drop box or official Philadelphia County Election Board location open until 8:00 PM


  • SIGN and DATE the outer Declaration envelope (the date you’ve signed it—not your birthday, not Election Day, or any other date).
  • No “Naked Ballots” — use the inner secrecy envelope!
  • When marking your vote, FILL THE FULL OVAL using BLUE or BLACK INK.
  • Do not make any EXTRA marks or writing on your ballot or materials. Only write or mark what is required.
  • Do not enclose anything else in the envelopes.

The 8th Ward Democrats are here to help – if you have any questions, contact us to reach Committee People who can assist you in your Division !