8th Ward Endorsed – for State Senator in the 1st Senatorial District – Senator Nikil Saval. For his bipartisan results in Harrisburg, for governance continuity and readiness for our whole Senate Democratic Caucus – we’re 3 seats away from turning the PA Senate BLUE in November; for his positive connection with Governor Shapiro, who has endorsed Senator Saval; and for his pledge of total support for President Biden’s re-election in 2024.

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  • State Rep for the 182d House District – Rep Ben Waxman
  • State Rep for the 10th House District – Rep Amen Brown
  • State Rep for the 195th House District – Rep Donna Bullock
  • State Rep for the 181st House District – coming soon !
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President, Senator, Congress – Let’s get them back to DC !

  • For US President – President Joseph Biden
  • For US Senator – Senator Bob Casey
  • For US House Rep, 3rd District – Congressman Dwight Evans

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Treasurer – About the office

The incumbent Pennsylvania Treasurer is a Republican who flipped this office to RED in 2020.  To flip this seat back to BLUE, we MUST nominate a Democratic Candidate who can WIN statewide in November against the Republican incumbent.

The Pennsylvania Treasurer is an independently elected head of the Treasury Department and serves as the custodian of more than $150 billion in Commonwealth funds.  The Treasurer’s paramount responsibility is safeguarding and managing the state’s financial assets by controlling the disbursement of funds, along with several other specific responsibilities under Pennsylvania law and the PA Constitution.  The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt and deposit of state monies, investment management, and oversight of all withdrawals and deposits from state agencies. 

As Pennsylvania’s chief fiscal officer, the Treasurer also executes these additional responsibilities:

  • Chairs the Board of Finance & Revenue, which selects banks to serve as depositories for state money;
  • Sets interest rates paid on Commonwealth deposits; and
  • Investigating loss, fraud, theft, and fraud involving Commonwealth checks;
  • Hears and decides state tax appeals.
  • Reuniting unclaimed property with its rightful owner;
  • Reviewing real estate leases and contracts entered into by Commonwealth agencies;
  • Maintaining the electronic library of Pennsylvania Contracts.

The Treasurer and Treasury Department also creates and administers programs that can provide an opportunity for financial empowerment for families, municipal governments, and non-profit groups across the state.  The policies, programs, and practices of the Treasury Department can also prevent waste and poor stewardship of Pennsylvania monies on deposit in the Treasury, Pension Funds, and related programs. 

*Includes adapted material from other sources.

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Attorney General – About the office

It is CRUCIAL we elect a Democratic Attorney General in 2024. To WIN in November, we MUST nominate a Democratic Primary Candidate who can BEAT the Republican opponent STATEWIDE in November. The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer and top prosecutor for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania statewide.

The Attorney General leads a staff of several hundred prosecutors, attorneys, investigators, agents, and support staff in offices across the state.  Currently, the AG’s Office has 4 main Divisions, described below.

Criminal Division:  investigates and prosecutes drug crime, gun violence, child predators, organized crime, public corruption, insurance and Medicare fraud, environmental crimes, and other criminal violations.  The AG can also investigate and prosecute indictments obtained from their statewide investigating grand juries. The AG also prosecutes criminal charges referred by Commonwealth agencies.  The AG is often appointed to investigate and prosecute local DA’s with prosecuting criminal charges brought in county courts. Finally, the AG’s office, upon request by county District Attorneys, may take over pending criminal matters where the local DA does not have sufficient resources to prosecute the case(s), or when the DA’s office may have a potential conflict of interest. Most of the criminal matters handled by the AG’s Office are referrals from county DA’s or Commonwealth agencies.

Public Protection Division:  prosecutes the perpetrators of scams and deceptive business practices to enforce Pennsylvania law and protect consumers from being ripped off.  This Division also enforces Pennsylvania law around labor protections, civil rights & anti-discrimination, fair business practices, and antitrust matters. 

Civil Division:  represents the Commonwealth, its agencies, and officials, in civil cases brought by or against them.  These can include defending the constitutionality of Pennsylvania laws, enforcing or defending contract rights, collecting debts owed to the Commonwealth, and more.  Civil Division also reviews state contracts and agency regulations to counsel agencies and other state actors to ensure compliance and constitutionality. 

Operations & Public Engagement:  assists in crime prevention through education and outreach to the people across Pennsylvania. Sample topics include drug addiction, personal safety and bullying, avoiding and reporting sexual abuse, how to protect against financial scams and fraud, and more.  

*Includes content adapted from other sources.

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Auditor General – About the office

The incumbent PA Auditor General is a Republican who was elected statewide in 2020, named Timothy DeFoor.  We must flip this office in 2024.

The Pennsylvania Auditor General is the chief fiscal watchdog for the entire Commonwealth and as such, is independently elected.  The Auditor General is supposed to serve the people of Pennsylvania by improving government accountability, transparency, and the effective use of taxpayer dollars.  In this role, the Auditor General has a duty to use audits and quality assurance reviews to ensure that all state money is spent legally and properly, to advance the purpose for which it was allocated. 

The Auditor General leads a statewide Office that performs several types of audits:  financial, to test the reliability of financial controls and information within State-funded agencies and activities; performance audits, to assess if government programs and activities are meeting their mission with the tax monies they’ve received; and attestation engagements, to assure users of certain financial or other data or information can be relied upon.

The Auditor General has an important role in quality assurance for major state expenditures and investments, including school system audits, wage and hour compliance, health care, and public safety.

*Incorporates content adapted from other sources.

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