The mayor is the chief executive officer of the City of Philadelphia. Specifically, the mayor has a number of executive and administrative powers, which include signing legislation from council, issuing proclamations, appointing individuals to boards and commissions, distributing funds via the city’s budget, setting a general tone during media events, and many others. As CEO, the mayor has the power to issue executive orders to agencies in the executive branch of City government. These commands or directives generally concern the implementation of laws or mayoral policies.

Home Rule Charter section – describes the duties and powers of the Mayor of Philadelphia and the many positions, offices, and boards the Mayor appoints, hires, or oversees.

2022 Organization Chart – lays out the many Executive branch positions and offices that report up to the Mayor of Philadelphia

People’s Job Description for Mayor – by the Philadelphia Citizen for 2023 (not official, but an aggregated document from outreach to readers)